Breakthrough in pharma technologies is coming

Improving the quality and longevity of people are key priorities of the developed economies of the world. For more effective diagnostics and treatment of socially significant diseases, as well as rehabilitation of patients, technological breakthroughs in the field of medicine are needed.

Reprogramming of human cells

Technologies of directed reprogramming of stem cells and modification of differentiated cells make it possible to investigate their properties, to obtain cells with new functional characteristics. On this basis, technologies of regenerative medicine are being developed, aimed at restoring injured tissues and lost physiological functions.

The following technologies will be actively developing: manipulation of the genome of cells of different levels of differentiation and the use of non-genomic means for reprogramming them, including X-ray irradiation, modeling of regeneration processes, stress-induced transformation.

These technologies form the basis for the development of biomedical cellular drugs as well as cultured modified cell products. In the future you might not need even a credit card for payment - totally secure chip implanted under the skin will be responsible for all your operations, loans and etc.

Pills printed on a 3D printer will become reality

Personalized pills printed on a 3 D printer using the latest technology will be widely used. 3D printing system for creating hyper-personalized medications will improve the effectiveness of traditional medicines. The tablets printed on a 3D printer made of a special polymer with which you can give each tablet a unique shape, depending on the direction and method of exposure of the drug. Doctors will be given the opportunity to control the form and dose of prescription medications with the help of the supplied software choosing a specific form for certain tablets and then load them into a 3D printer to print the capsule.

Quantum computers will bring pharmacy to a new level

A quantum computer uses the science of extremely strange behavior of subatomic particles to solve problems that are computationally inaccessible to classical computers or would take too much time. For example, the interaction of molecules at the quantum level is difficult to study in the laboratory and it is impossible to simulate on a classical computer but on the quantum one it's quite possible.

This quantum model of computers has the potential to be successful for:

  • Drugs’ development,
  • Drugs’ search,
  • Chemical design development,
  • Biopharmaceutical applications.

There will be a completely different level of diagnostics with new approaches added to personalize recommendations for the use of drugs and most likely the drugs themselves will be individualized.


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